“A world without judges?” What is the judge’s place for businesses?

13/11/2018 - Events - Partnerships

On November 22nd Altana is organizing, in partnership with the AFJE, a conference on “”A world without judges?” What is the judge’s place for business?”.   Mr. Damien Pons, Chief of the Office for Procedural Law at the Ministry of Justice, will also participate.

The place of the judge is ambivalent for businesses: sometimes one hopes to avoid the judge, sometimes one hopes to resort to the judge.  Isn’t much-praised dejudiciarization a transformation of the judge’s role? The judge’s new role for business will take on even greater importance in the era of digitization and regulation, such that a transformation of the justice is underway with the ongoing examination by the parliament of the “Bill on Programming 2018-2022 and Reform for the Justice”.

The examination of this bill will be a highlight of the conference.

The conference will be led by Christophe Lapp, Pierre-Gilles Wogue, Frank Valentin and Louis des Cars (Partners, Altana), Mr. Pons and Professor Louis Thibierge (also an associate at Altana), to foster a dynamic and multi-dimensional approach.

The conference program and registration can be found here.